Scaffold Enhancements in SubSonic 2.1

February 8, 2008 08:48

Among the new features coming in SubSonic 2.1 are some incremental enhancements to the existing Scaffold functionality. Here's a quick rundown of these changes, which you can see in the current beta release posted on CodePlex

With the 2.1, AutoScaffold is now a "mode" of the existing scaffold control. This mode is enabled by setting the ScaffoldType property to "Auto", as opposed to the default "Normal" setting. When set to Auto, the scaffold adds two new drop down menus above the grid, allowing a provider and class to be selected. In all other ways, the behavior is functionally identical to a scaffold running in "Normal" mode.

This boolean value, set to true by default will automatically cause the scaffold to generate many to many mapping controls at the bottom of the edit form for any tables identified as Many to Many. The functionality uses the mechanism that identifies tables as M2M at code generation time. If this mode is too "permissive" in identifications techniques, you can still specify tables using the existing ManyToManyMap approach.

Without styles applied, the scaffolds can look a bit, well, ugly. However, when the UseEmbeddedStyles property is set to true, the scaffolds will now dynamically emit a style sheet at runtime which should make them look a bit more presentable out of the box.

DropDownCssClass, CheckBoxCssClass
It is now possible to specify a CSS class to be used for DropDown and CheckBox controls when they appear in the scaffolds.

Updated CRUD Operations
Prior to 2.1, the scaffold used inline SQL construction to perform all CRUD operations. As of this release, these operations are now performed using the new query engine. Ideally, this should reduce the number of issues encountered when using the scaffolds across different provider types.

As always, we welcome your feedback...

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February 11. 2008 10:32

Dave S.

I like bit on the auto-scaffold. Makes a lot of sense.
Looking forward to the first release.

Dave S.

February 14. 2008 15:23


Great stuff Eric - Keep it upSmile


February 21. 2008 22:20

Ben McIntyre

Just a post to say thanx for SubSonic goodness.
I hope to become a _lot_ more involved over the next few months.

I assume you're a fan, due to the website URL :^)
So here's some (temporarily on my site) :
It's an old vinyl, a bit scratchy, but still my fave Teo of all time. The take of 'Just You, Just Me' is some of my favourite instumental jazz ever ...

I just wanted to share this with you, not the world, but it's understandably hard to get ur email address ...
It's old and unavailable ...

Ben McIntyre

June 12. 2009 10:07


Hi, would you like to explain me how is the easy and simple way to change the HeaderText of the GridView control using the SubSonic Scaffolding ? Also, I would like to rename the text of every label control in the Add and Edit Form that is generated with the SubSonic Scaffold.

I got my Scaffolding Form in English idiom but I want to translate into Spanish idiom.

I use SubSonic version 2.1 (Final)



May 17. 2013 18:44


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